With a wealth of experience, our award-winning design team offer a full in-house service delivering innovative design solutions to our clients around the world. Clients benefit from design and development solutions which focus on their needs as well as taking the opportunity to provide innovation, quality and value.

concept design

Once a client’s desires and needs are understood, our team create a project brief which defines the designs to follow. Making sure all requirements are met, the team create several concepts which will then be presented and discussed with the client. This is our opportunity to provide a unique and realistic proposal to the client with every detail explained.

3d cad

Each member of the team has extensive experience in the use of 3D software; this is our number one tool in design. From creating photo-realistic visuals to providing technical drawings for machining, we utilise 3D CAD in every way possible and invest in the industry’s most advanced software.

design engineering

With a close departmental relationship between design and production, the two teams work together to create the most efficient methods for design and manufacture. We stay up to date with the latest methods and materials so we can offer high quality products with the most efficient design.

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